Emily Murphy is:

a. A massage therapist with a calling to heal and help others understand their wellness.

b. A purveyor of unique heartfelt handmade jewelry and art.

c. A passionate instructor and performer of Mid Eastern Dance

d. A Reiki Master, professional Tarot reader, and gifted intuitive spiritual guide


Hi.  I’m so glad you’re here.

The Answer is E, if you hadn’t already guessed.

But you probably had , since you are so beautifully insightful and intuitive.

There’s a lot going on with me. There are many facets to this vibrant life I am creating.

This blog isn’t about me though, its about you.  And  your calling to claim your birthright:  a luminous healthy  and fulfilling life.

My burning desire is to help you  become a Conscious Creator of your life.  I will share everything I know here .

It’s quite a lot.  I seem to keep learning more every day.

Things could get messy.

But you know what?  Ive recently learned that the pursuit of perfection is a lie.  It is a mirage. We convince ourselves that if we can reach it we will be sustained, saved, enough.

We withhold our creations, our ideas, our words, our love, until it’s ‘done’.  Depriving ourselves, our circle of loved ones, the whole world of the light and the wonder that is a life lived in accord with its true purpose.

Perfect isn’t somewhere you get to.  Perfect is now.

I’m on this journey with you.  So grab your blankie and be brave with me.  We’ll have an adventure.  Be who you really are: working in your talents, loving your life and your healthy body, free to Create and Explore and be Delighted.  We’ll get messy. It will be glorious.

All my love,



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