What is The Odyssey?


To quote Ferris Bueller:

Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

Boy, does it ever!  That 80’s boy had no idea just how fast it could get.  Neither did the rest of us.  It’s super easy to tumble down the rabbit hole of the 21st century and all its shiny wonders.  Like a crazy intricate hall of mirrors We add layer after layer until life feels so fragmented.    To-do lists get so deep that there’s little possibility of them getting to-done.  We begin to lose the ability to feel satisfaction with a job completed; the ability to relinquish the pursuit of MORE.    Has it been that way for you?  I created an antidote to the steadily rising level of social media driven toxicity and fear.  The remedy to cool and quiet the layers of rush, and disconnect, and overwhelm.  Here’s a little taste.

It’s time to slow down and connect.

The Odyssey is a monthly dose of delight and surprise; a subscription box transformed into a living multi-sensory experience.  All aspects of The Odyssey experiences blend to create a seamless and transcendent happening, perfect for renewal and healing.  In each monthly treatment there is an aspect of focused mindfulness, or self exploration, centered around an inspiring idea, place, or story.  Through The Odyssey you will find peacefulness, your reserves of healing and resilience, and ways to bring those inner pieces of you forward to draw upon them whenever you need.  Month to month you will feel your groove coming back ,and your radiance returning.  How would you feel to have a sanctuary prepared to recieve you once monthly?  A place to retreat and be completely transported to another frame of mind, a new way of being with yourself and in your body?

The Odyssey

  • A monthly massage experience subscription.  Each month features a different theme that incorporates massage, spa treatments, and other healing therapies.
  • Everything is choreographed upon a uniquely designed soundscape, to further your immersion in the moment.
  • Every Odyssey Experience features handmade organic body products, and unique essential oil blends, designed just for the occasion.
  • At the close of each session you will receive a Touchstone – a handmade artwork artifact of that month’s Odyssey – to take back into the world to serve as a reminder of the wisdom gained along the way.

The Odyssey is your ticket to step away from the ways in which you’ve become entangled in the world; a gateway to the places where you can reconnect with the pure sources of delight and tranquility that reside within you.

For a limited time I am offering a special rate on a limited amount of Odyssey memberships. View more at themassagefix.com, Submit your request through the form below, or call 407.476.4679.




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