Gratitude as a Creator’s Medium

If you are anything like me, it may be blowing your mind a little that we are nearing the end of another year.  I love the fall.  In Florida of course some years the weather is more fall-like than others.  Often I say that we have two seasons here: ‘Summer’ and ‘Not-Summer’.  This year I’ve already pulled out a sweater or two, so that makes me happy.

What I really love about Fall is the momentum of change.

So many people focus on January 1st for their life changes, but I really feel the momentum for transformation at this time of year.  Especially now in late November.  Leaves are falling away – symbolic of the old things that are no longer useful in our lives.  Chilly weather is rolling in, reminding us that there is always something new on the horizon.  Here in the U.S. we are angling for position into the Holiday season, where we start to think about showing our love for others via gifts and quality time.  The gateway to that being Thanksgiving.  I love that we have a holiday about gratitude.  It’s unfortunate that our culture (of football and sales) sometimes makes it a side note, but its there on our calendar nonetheless!

Here’s my challenge for you: 

See if you can reach out, and connect with the growing feeling of gratitude.  It is such and amazing tool for creation.  Often when thinking about the Law of Attraction we are in awareness of the things we WANT.  And while its great to have aspiration to create new things, and be in our awareness of our power as creators in our life, sometimes the very act of WANTING is what keeps us without it.  When we are in want we are in lack – focusing on how much we don’t want to be, do, or have what we have right now.  We are so busy wanting to be with the next thing, place, or experience that we forget to have gratitude for the things that have manifested for us or are currently in a state of becoming now.

Gratitude can light your way out of the darkest of places.

Depression.  Injury / Illness.  Financial struggle.  I’ve experienced all of them.  If you are in any one of these experiences know that I completely understand how dark, scary, hopeless and endless these situations can seem.  (If you’re not in the situations right now, congratulations! Keep this advice in your pocket for the next time you’re there) But the simple fact of the universe is that everything is in flux – the Universe loves movement in fact!  So let go of the stuck feeling.  You’ve rubbed yourself raw on all the ways things aren’t getting better.  You’ve practically had out of body experiences wishing so hard to get yourself out of this place.  Might I suggest a new tactic?

Darling, find your Gratitude!

This is important for everyone, but especially for those really struggling with a salty/sour helping of life.  Find even the tiniest sliver of gratitude.  It may seem small or silly, but I promise.  Shifting to a gratitude mindset will change your world!  No ‘yeah-buts’.  No matter how small.  What can you be truly grateful for?  The clothes on your back? (You might want something nicer, but for now you are not naked, so Yay!) Your little animal friend who always sticks by you? The humans in your life who ‘get’ you and give support?  The fact that the sun came up this morning and shone on you one day stronger and wiser?  I swear in my worst times the only thing I could be thankful for was Indoor Plumbing and Hot Water.  I would literally say out loud in the shower, “thank you for the 21st century, and indoor plumbing, and hot water.” (and often I still do!)  When you find even the tiniest thing to be thankful for, another thing will pop to mind.  It might be small too, but two is the start of a list!

Gratitude Multiplies

Like little adorable bunnies, or a flock of cuddly alpaca, Gratitudes seem to lead to gratitudes.  They like to stick together to help light your way out, or be a lovely group of candles blazing atop your celebration cake that has your favorite color frosting and says, “My life is awesome!”.  Shifting to a gratitude mindset changes the way you feel inside.  The emotion is what pulls you forward into a new state of being.  You can even be grateful for the thing you don’t have yet.  Feel the feeling you will have when you get there.  THAT’S what transforms a life.

What if Gratitude could be a daily practice?

How much different would your day feel if you started it spending a little time being thankful for all the big and small ways your life is perfect just the way it is.  Even in darkest depression, or dire illness, or holy-crap-will-I-be-homeless-tomorrow struggle, there is a moment today that will be perfect.  Expect the miracle, no matter how small, and be ready to celebrate it.   Ask yourself. What would happen if you had a friend and you did little (I mean little) nice things for them:  Buy them a cup of coffee, hold a door open, give them a shiny new pen, toss a couple spare quarters at them… but all they ever did was ignore it, or worse give you a harrumph and tell you why your little niceties cant possibly make up for how lame their day is?  That’s no fun, is it?  Different friend is delighted and appreciative when you do these things.  Who do you want to hang out with?  Life is pretty cool and the Universe gets really gift-y when you start to be the person ready to be surprised and delighted.  Try just for a day, or just for a couple hours even, to celebrate and be grateful.

Start a gratitude journal!

A place where you collect your daily harvest of awesome.  This can be small like a little pocket notebook.  My first one was a little pocket appointment book.  Nothing is out of bounds- everything is in play:  Door held open? Genuine smile or word of kindness that made you feel warm and safe? Something that made you laugh?  Someone paid for your coffee? Adorable pet/child antics?  Find a quarter on the street?  Have a convenient device on which to read snazzy blogs? Tasty sandwich? Did you wake up alive?  Healthy? Next to someone who thinks you’re the bees knees? Under a roof?  In a home with electricity and hot water?  In possession of enough clothes that you can wear something clean for several days at a time without having to do laundry?

You see where I’m going with this.

“Thank You” is seriously the most powerful vibrational phrase.  It goes right to the bone of our being, to the core of why we are here – on this journey all together – giving, receiving, experiencing, appreciating.  Thank You stops the negative mind in its tracks.  If you string together your day, going from grateful moment to grateful moment, that negative party pooper voice in your brain will be sent packing to its cave, or a little box in the back of your mind.

Create a Gratitude Mantra!

Have a little beaded power bracelet, or a strand of mala prayer beads, and spend a little quiet time counting your blessings – literally!  There’s 108 beads on a necklace sized mala.  How cool would it be if you could spend some quiet time and find 108 things to be thankful for?  If you are not particularly down with lists, or your gratitude is feeling small right now, you can create a statement that you repeat over and over – this is a mantra.  You can craft a statement of celebration about the ways in which your life is rocking right now.  If you need to coax your gratitude out of hiding, maybe a statement about how thankful you are for the direction in which you are going. ** Just by reading this you are on your way to a different awareness and a different experience of things! **

“I celebrate the ways in which my life is perfect.”

“I am thankful for the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I am a favored and blessed child of this universe.”

“I receive joyful surprises every day.”

“Thank you for my healing.”

“Thank you for my opportunities.”

“Thank you for my family.”

“I AM Gratitude.”

“I am Joyous and Thankful.”

Start gathering your little fluffy flock of things you are thankful for.

Tend your gratitude and it will multiply.

  I promise.


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