October 2014: Soul of the Season

I adore October. 

Being a Florida native, I am sad to say that I have yet to see Autumn in all her glory firsthand.  But I have a deep emotional attachment to the idea of Fall, and my soul feels crisp air and leaves’ crunch. Even though it’s still not cooler than the eighties, and a carved pumpkin will rot in about 15 minutes here, I blissfully sip my chai and imagine being in a cozy sweater and leggings.

This is also the high holy season for professional psychic work, and my calendar gets quite full. 

Everyone loves a Tarot reader or Chiromancer (that’s Palmistry for those of you linguists out there) come this time of year.  Many pagan cultures worldwide acknowledge this as the time of year when the divisions between this world and the next thins enough so that our departed loved ones may return to us for a visit, and maybe a meal.  For me, this is when I most feel the wheel of the year swing ’round and it’s my time to assess, and clear, and prepare the way for new things coming in.

And BOY do I love Halloween!

I am all about dress up, and from the first costume I remember my Nana sewing for me, Halloween became my favorite holiday.  I eagerly wait by the door on Halloween night waiting to see the pirates and princesses and zombies and cheerleaders brave enough to make it to my door.  And at our house – No costume? NO CANDY!!

I imagine its pretty busy for you too.

Kids are back in school and the whole family is dealing with new schedules and new expectations.  Focus is needed to make sure everyone gets where they need to be, and assignments get completed both at work and at home.  The days are shortening, and your spirit knows that the long nights of Winter are on the way.   Even though we don’t have to consider winter survival in the ways our ancestors did, we still feel the pull to gather and harvest and prepare for the closing of the year.   Perhaps in your home you’ve already seen the early salvos of cold and flu season.   New allergens are circulating, and as the weather turns our immune systems may be challenged to make the shift.

Here is my Essential Oil Blend designed for this time of year.  I call it Healthy Harvest.

Warming spicy notes of Clove and Cinnamon combine with grounding Cedar to help you greet the season change with a sense of security and focus. Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Cypress support the immune system and soothe the sinuses. Finally, a hint of Rosemary sharpens your focus and also assists in cold and flu defense.

I’ll be taking time throughout the month to spotlight each of these oils so you can understand just how awesome they are individually, and how they are absolute rock stars in this grouping.

SO how are you feeling this October?  What are your favorite joys  and experiences you are looking forward to this month?  Please add your comments below, I can’t wait to hear what Autumn and October mean to you.

** Content Disclaimer – Please know that I have chosen not to have any financial affiliation with any Essential Oil Company.  If that changes, I will let you know.  But in the meantime, my prime objective is to share knowledge about the powerful healing benefits of the oils themselves.  I will not be making any statements about particular companies, nor will I post any submitted comments that do.**


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